Content for brands

 Brand building with brand stories

A story in every brand.

An idea becomes a project, then a venture, and finally a brand. Not every development will be that straight. Still, every brand has a strong core, something distinctive and a story to be told. I can research and tell this brand story for you as a solid foundation and creative main theme for your content marketing.

Everything that makes up your company and your brand, I can put into words for you. Defining USPs by categorizing and rating services is part of that process. If you are far beyond that point and just need someone to develop a brand language, a “tone and voice”, I’ll be happy to take that over and also train your creative team.

 A team of writers for your project

A team for all cases.

The editing effort gets less predictable every day, tight deadlines, no concept and not a single line written yet? Obviously, I cannot get all that done for you over night. However, I can find the right people for you – fast.

In the past, I have recruited copywriters for different languages, both freelance and permanently. All of them got “onboarded” and introduced to the team, the project, the CI, the processes and the conditions. I am also happy to build a team of editors for you and manage it on an interim basis, if desired. Tonality and copywriting workshops are other services in my portfolio.

Consulting on communications

Why, did you ever?!

If something is particularly important, we tend to wonder how to tell which bits and to whom, be it enjoyable news or challenging events. An external person can be helpful to consult with, to gather feedback from or to hand over the communication to altogether.

I can be this neutral third party for you. Because no matter whether your team has won an award and will be throwing a party or you have a re-org to announce: delivery is everything. As a communications specialist, I am happy to counsel you and apply my years of experience and observation to your corporate, change and crisis communications.